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Why Women Shouldn't Vote For Trump This November

We all know that Trump claims to "respect women", but this statement is far from true. You know when people say show don't tell? Well this man told but he did not show. Here's how Trump has disgustingly contradicted his statement of "respecting women".

We have ALL heard Trumps' infamous quote "just grab her by the pussy". I'm honestly quite shocked and disgusted that we let a man who said this not only get away with it, but become the fucking president of the United States. And the worst part is, is that this isn't even the most awful our president has said or done. Donald J. Trump has over 25 women that have accused Trump of sexual misconduct.

I am purely disgusted and horrified at the actions of our current PRESIDENT. No one should have ever let this man into office, and we should vote him OUT in the upcoming election.

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