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Biden Plans On Reversing Trump's Immigration Policies

Trump's immigration policies were atrocious to say the least, and I think that Biden's plan for almost a complete reversal is a good idea. ICE has destroyed so many families and ruined so many lives of innocent people in search of a safe home and better future. We have all seen the photographs of children being locked in cages while being detained at ICE facilities, and I think it's safe to say that nothing like that should ever be permitted to happen again. Recent announcements from the Biden Administration make us hopeful that the future will be looking up for changes in current immigration policies.

The Biden Administration is seeking to restore and rebuild some of Obama's previous concepts and policies, but is also looking to create new plans to aid immigrant families and children. First, Biden plans on restoring a program that the Obama Administration had put into place, but had later been revoked by Trump. This program would allow protection for more than 640,000 undocumented immigrants seeking refuge here. He is also ending a travel ban that the Trump Administration had put into place on 13 dominantly Muslim countries, mostly located in Africa and the Middle East. Lastly, Biden hopes to assist immigrant families with various reunification methods. He wants to reinstate the Central American Minors Program, which allows children to request refugee status so they can come visit and live with family in the US, and he is putting a task force into place that will focus on helping immigrant parents reunite with children that were separated from them at the border.

Positive change is afoot, and that's all thanks to Trump being out of office. NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL. BlueYouth stands by that statement, and hopefully the Biden Administration continues to do so also.

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