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BlueYouth Mission:

The underlying mission of BY is to improve equality for people in the United States.


BlueYouth is an inclusive volunteer organization where anyone who believes in equality can contribute to creating a better world through research and sharing.

Women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ people are currently  treated un-equally throughout the United States. Inequality is bad for individuals and even worse for our nation and democracy. 

Our first mission was to help "Dump Trump" in 2020. Success, for now...

Our go-forward plan is to reach people nationally using research, longer form essays, and social media sharing. Social media sharing enables all people to be influential by publicly sharing their political thoughts and ideas with the world around them. Gen Z is the future and if we want our future to be bright, we need to be involved. I created this website to enable our generation to share and influence others around them, to give them an effective way to participate and make a difference in the things they're passionate about. We are the future, and the future is now. 

"I started BlueYouth because I wanted to take an active role in improving equality for ALL Americans.  The problem was that as a young person I wasn't able to secure volunteer roles at the organizations that are active in the causes I believe in. BlueYouth is not only fighting for equality, but we are also an inclusive organization where anyone can contribute." - Bella Manes

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