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Poll Watchers? More Like Voter Intimidators

Trump's presidential campaign is quite literally calling his assembly of poll watchers "Trump's Army", if that isn't a clear indicator to their clear purpose I don't know what is. Poll intimidation and interference is illegal, and it would be right in line with Trump's behavior to bend the rules to his advantage. Many state leaders are outraged at this power play put forward by the Trump Administration. District Attorney of Philadelphia, Larry Krasner, recently issued a statement saying , "The Trump Administration’s efforts to suppress votes amid a global pandemic fueled by their disregard for human life will not be tolerated in the birthplace of American democracy.” He, along with many others can all agree that this act is inhumane and undemocratic, and it is involved with the biggest, most controversial election that our country has seen in a long time. We as a country should not stand behind a man that is willing to cheat and lie to find his way to success. We need to hold him accountable for his actions, and VOTE HIM OUT.

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