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We Got Him Out!

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Donald Trump needs to face the facts, he lost. He has stated over and over, "this election is not over" and continued to claim that the whole election process this year was "fraud". His refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power because "the only way he would lose would be because the election was rigged" truly shows how much of a coward he is. He cannot accept that he lost to a man that he says "there's nothing smart about". Guess what Donald? YOU LOST! Now we have a president that believes in climate change and is going to do something about it, believes that love is love, is pushing for police reforms and supports the BLM movement, and is committed to create a "fair and humane" immigration system. He is also serving with a powerful and inspirational vice president, Kamala Harris, she is making history in so many ways. She is the first woman, Asian, and Black vice president that America has ever seen, she will serve as a role model to women of color and women in general throughout her time in office and into history. While Biden and Kamala may not have been our first choice, the two of them together sure are better than Trump and Pence, and will hopefully influence our future in a positive way.

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