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Trump Plans On "Fully Defunding" Planned Parenthood

A campaign letter from the Trump administration sent on September 3rd stated that if re-elected he plans to "fully defund" Planned Parenthood along with other health care providers that perform abortion services. He also promised to put up anti-abortion candidates for the open seat in the Supreme Court including Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and Josh Hawley. These actions have led to major anti-abortion groups to rally around the Trump campaign. The Trump administration is currently vying for the Supreme Court to reverse a lower court order that allowed people to take mifepristone (a drug used for medication induced abortions) during the pandemic. This drug was very valuable to the people that needed it and weren't able to see a doctor or specialist during the pandemic. Not allowing women to make their own choices about their body should be considered anti-woman. All that being pro-choice means is that you want women to have a say about what happens to their bodies, taking that away is like taking away basic human rights. Not allowing access to abortions is taking away their right to make decisions about what happens to their own body. Also, restricting access will force some women to resort to much more dangerous and unsafe methods of abortion like coat hanger abortions. Being pro-choice doesn't mean that you want to terminate a pregnancy, all it means is that women should have the right to if it's what they feel it is the right choice for them. So please, don't put Donald Trump in office this November. It means a bad future for all women in our country.

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