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Trump Continues to Deny the Severity of COVID 19

Recently after Trump's leave from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, he stated to Americans not to fear the Corona virus which has killed over 200,000 people. This statement he has made shows his denial of the lethality of this virus. Corona has been shown to be worse than the flu and spreads much easier, but yet Trump continues to tell American’s not to fear it. Even though Trump has now recovered from the virus, it still means there are tons of people that are affected and threatened by this virus on the daily. He has access to good doctors and healthcare that many Americans don’t have, and fails to acknowledge just how big of a deal COVID is. Trump is our President and him claiming that we shouldn't fear a virus that has been proven by science to be deadly demonstrates his incompetence and unconcern for the well-being of the less fortunate United States citizens. His words reflect how he is going to get us through this pandemic, and what he has said shows us that we are looking toward worsened conditions if he is to be reelected.

Written by: Giacomo Lucchesi

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