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Patagonia Says "Vote the Assholes Out"

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Recently, outdoor clothing brand Patagonia, which is very active in the environmental activism realm, has updated their clothing tags. Underneath the tag on a limited edition pair of shorts you can find the message, “Vote the Assholes Out”. Patagonia has confirmed that this statement refers to current president Donald Trump, as well as other people in power that have made little, if any, efforts to prevent climate change. This single tag isn’t all of what Patagonia has done to work against Trump’s election. Since the beginning of his first term, the brand has been vocal in promoting voting across the nation with their own organization, and even went as far as starting a lawsuit against Donald Trump. The suit was viable to the cause, since Trump has done essentially nothing to support the environment. For example, after not speaking on the California wildfires, the president finally participated in a conference concerning the future effects these fires will have on California’s environment. While in the conference, Trump spoke mindlessly about how parks and habitats in California are poorly kept, and that “[He doesn’t] think science knows” about the relationship between climate change and wildfires. It is astounding that the highest power in the United States refuses to believe in scientifically proven facts. Our country would definitely benefit from following Patagonia’s tagged words. Vote the assholes out!

-Naomi Kayser

This is our first post that was written by a volunteer! Thank you so much to Naomi Kayser for being a big part and a huge help to BlueYouth, you are making a big difference!

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