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Our Environment is in Danger... And Trumps Re-election Will Just Make it Worse

Trump has talked many times before about his disbelief in climate change and now that we face re-election, many changes need to be made. Climate change could cause deaths worldwide if we do nothing, and how the planet's temperature will only continue to increase. Climate change will cause more sea level rise, droughts and very hot summers. Trump has done nothing so far in helping the cause, and he has been benefiting from the fossil fuel companies contributing to the problem. Trump has rolled back many regulations on fossil fuel companies and has been weakening and blocking many environmental regulations. Also, the Trump administration is giving these fossil fuel companies more advantages. This article is demonstrating the predicted future of our planet in the next four years, with Trump as president again, we will not see any good changes to the environment and we will end up giving the planet irreversible damage, which is quite terrifying. So please... this November VOTE TRUMP OUT. Our life could literally depend on it.

A BIG THANK YOU TO: Our volunteer, Giacomo Lucchesi for writing this blog post!

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