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Happy National Register To Vote Day!

Today is National Register To Vote Day! If you want to make a change and vote in this upcoming election (which you should), we can help you set yourself up!

Watch this video as a guide to register or pre-register yourself to vote! (It is in Eng. & Spanish)

(This video was made for nonpartisan purposes, anybody can register!)

Here at BlueYouth though, we are here to get Donald Trump out. We need a president that cares about the environment and it's future, a president that respects women and their rights, a president that believes that no human is illegal, one that believes that love is love, that trans lives matter, and that black lives matter. Our current president doesn't stand for any of those important things. HUMAN RIGHTS SHOULD NOT BE A POLITICAL ISSUE! Unfortunately, these issues have been politicized, so we need a president in office that supports these ideas, and Donald J. Trump is not it. So please, if you are not yet registered to vote, please do so. Voting is one of the main things that you can do to participate in bettering the future of our country, so get out there and do it!! EVERY VOTE COUNTS!! Happy National Register to Vote Day, let your voice be heard!

Links to Get Registered: -- Select your state and the website will redirect you to how you can register or pre-register to vote. (Remember, 16 year olds are old enough to pre-register) -- Where's My Ballot will help you track your ballot before and after it leaves you doorstep. Every registered voter will receive a mail-in ballot this year. -- Use this link to check your voter registration. It's always good to make sure!

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