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Getting Started With SEO for

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The situation:

As part of starting Blue Youth I need to grow my volunteer base. To make that happen I need my website to be found by others. For people to be able to find on search engines like Google, I need SEO. To get SEO, I need to learn it first, and then apply what I learned to my site.

What actions I took:

In order to get SEO for I needed to learn it right? So, I bought a book to teach me how to increase my search engine optimization, and went through the first few chapters today. I learned about the importance of keywords, different tags, PPCs, and a bit more.

I read and annotated 3 chapters (up to page 50), and that took me about 2 hours. Then, my dad and I worked together and learned how to apply it to my website.

What I'm hoping to achieve is a website structure that will show up up more often when people are searching for volunteer opportunities related to young people who are looking to contribute to their country and community through spreading awareness about topics like women's rights and black lives matter.

this all took me a little over 3 hours..

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