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Editing and Creating New Posts

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

The Situation: I wanted to edit a few of my last posts today to put more meaning and thought behind them than I had before. I decided to do this so that people could really see how invested and passionate I am about this. Then, I decided to get more involved with Twitter and found some posts I really liked and wrote a blog post including some of them.

What Actions I took: I went through and rewrote my last blog posts, and then I searched Twitter using hashtags like, #blacklivesmatter and #feminist, to find posts that spoke to me. Then I made a blog post so that more people could find and see these tweets I liked so much. This took me about 3 hours.

What I Hope to Achieve: I want people to be able to find good, shareable content to continue to share on their social media to bring more light to these issues. I think that our generation (Gen Z) has so much power, and a lot of us aren't even 18 yet! We are the future and we will change the world, and it starts with spreading awareness. Social media isn't the only way, but it sure is effective.

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