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Amy Coney Barrett Refuses To Announce Her Political Opinions

Justice Amy Coney Barrett recently declared that she has "no agenda" and avoided announcing her outlook on controversial issues like Roe V Wade. When discussing the matter with Senator Feinstein, specifically the issue of abortion, she said she would "stick to the rule of law". We all know that Coney Barrett is pro-life as she has stated a numerous amount of times before, she was also a part of an anti-abortion group in 2016 that encouraged women to attend a crisis center in Indiana when looking to get an abortion. What these women didn't know at the time is that once they got to the hospital they wouldn't be receiving an abortion, but rather being pressured and guilt tripped into not having one. These events show that clearly her interpretation of the law when it comes to potentially overturning Roe V Wade will not look favorably upon pro-choice. Coney Barrett's refusal to expose her political stand point on the matter is actually quite pathetic. She is so publicly and actively against the right to choose on her own time, so why not just tell the truth now? We ALL know which way she is going to swing when the time comes, and it is not going to be left. She can try and avoid the controversy now, but every educated citizen in this country knows the truth.

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