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Amy Coney Barrett Could Mean the End of Abortion Rights

Amy Coney Barrett, Donald Trumps Supreme Court nomination could seriously threaten the existence of women's right to choose. Barrett is a far right conservative and evidently pro choice, if confirmed that would make the Supreme Court seats a 6-3 split between liberals and conservatives. This would leave a lot of important issues ending up favoring the right, including Roe V Wade. Trump said, "it is certainly possible" that Amy Coney Barrett will assist the Supreme Court in overturning Roe V Wade during her time serving. This means a dark future lays ahead for all women in this country. As soon as you take away a women's right to make decisions about her own body, you make her a second class citizen. She no longer has to power to choose what happens to her body, like a man does, and therefor that makes her unequal to your average male. We need to protect our right to choose like our life depends on it, because quite frankly, it kind of does. Who knows what they will take away from us next? Women's future in this country is headed down a dark road, and something needs to change now.

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