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Trump Continues to Hate on Players Who Demonstrate for Racial Justice

A movement started by Colin Kaepernick, kneeling during the national anthem to protest the current and previous racial injustice in our society. This was a controversial act and led to Kaepernick not being able to keep playing in the NFL in 2016. In 2018, 54% of Americans (including the president) felt that it was inappropriate to kneel during the anthem, now that number has dropped to 45% in a poll taken this summer. The president's opinion, however, has not changed, and he continues to refuse to accept that these athletes will continue to demonstrate on national television. How ridiculous is that? We all know that Donald has proven to be racist and prejudice, but this is a matter of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is one of the most basic fundamental rights that our country was built upon, and he thinks it's acceptable to attack athletes for using that freedom? The BLM movement has been very prevalent and extremely important to so many people nation and world wide, and I find it absolutely unacceptable that our president is insulting athletes that want to publicly support it.

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